Environmental Sustainability

At Monster Energy, we are committed to improving sustainability and working to reduce our impact on the environment through certain initiatives and conservation programs. We are investing substantial time, effort and resources towards creating an integrated approach focused on minimizing our environmental impact.

We outsource the manufacturing of our finished products to third-party bottlers and contracted packers. We have always looked to do business with top-tier suppliers and bottlers who have committed to the highest environmental sustainability efforts in the industry. Additionally, we have partnered with The Coca Cola Company and its bottling network for distribution and production of Monster Energy products throughout the world. Through this relationship, The Coca Cola Company has become our preferred global distribution partner with an overwhelming majority of case sales transitioned to The Coca Cola Company’s distribution network.

We have outlined below some of our sustainability efforts at our headquarters and warehouse.

Water Conservation

Our corporate headquarters is an approximately 141,000 square foot, free standing, 6-story building. Since moving into the building in 2013, we have worked to improve our ability to monitor water consumption and have implemented technologies to reduce water usage. For example, in 2016 we adopted various water efficiency technologies that save approximately 200,000 gallons of water per year at our corporate headquarters. We have also adopted high-efficiency irrigation systems, low-flow hand sinks and optimized restroom fixtures in our building.

To expand our water conversation efforts in a manner that positively affects the surrounding community, we participate in various water conservation programs sponsored by the City of Corona. These programs include such initiatives as flush upgrades and minimizing the use of water for landscape irrigation. We will continue to develop our relationship with the City of Corona by participating in additional programs. For example, we intend to utilize reclaimed water as a resource for landscape irrigation.

We are continually assessing the risks due to water scarcity in the state of California and as we move forward, water optimization and conservation will continue to be a key component of our sustainability strategy and goals.

Energy Efficiency

We are pleased to report that our current initiatives have resulted in energy reduction of at least twenty-five percent (25%) over the 2016 calendar year. Energy conservation projects were implemented at both our Corona headquarters and our adjacent Quality Control Lab. As part of our benchmarking efforts toward Energy Star certification of our facilities, we adopted the use of LED energy-efficient lighting and control systems, upgraded our HVAC systems and installed commercial window film shades.

In line with our goal of increasing energy efficiency and minimizing our environmental impact as a company, we have taken several steps to incorporate the use of renewable energy. We currently maintain six (6) charging stations for electric vehicles and have provided for extra roof support in the construction of our new warehouse to allow for the possible use of solar panels.

Researching and implementing innovative ways to reduce energy use will be the cornerstone of our future sustainability efforts. We recognize that we still have a tremendous opportunity to make an even bigger impact within our company and will continue with our energy conservation efforts in the coming years, as demonstrated by the fact that construction of our new warehouse is progressing with the goal of being LEED certified.

Waste Reduction

Waste is a relevant issue for our business and industry. It has risen to the top of sustainability agendas around the world and public awareness is increasing. We are committed to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

To divert unnecessary waste from landfills, we are actively engaged in recycling at our corporate headquarters. In acknowledgment of our recycling efforts, in 2016 Waste Management named us a recipient of the 2016 Recycling All Stars Award for the City of Corona.

Our commitment to sustainability is led by several dedicated employees focused on proposing and implementing additional initiatives to reduce energy consumption, improve water conservation and reduce waste.